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Sense of (not humor) smell
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Olfactory marketing cannot be heard or seen. It smells! And it is part of sensory marketing.

Did you know that a company can transmit its values through a scent?

In the purchase decision process, the sense of smell is essential. And that is why olfactory marketing is a marketing tool that stimulates the sense of smell to generate an effect that reaches the intended meaning and evokes an experience.

Aromas reflect memories and emotions (we all have an olfactory memory). They are a marketing channel without saying a word.

Neuromarketing studies claim that we remember more through smells than seeing and hearing.

"The effect of the aromas in the human being is so powerful, that it can lead our behaviors and moods".

Luis E. Vielma

What if I told you that a scent can increase work productivity in the work environment? Would you believe me? Aromatizing the environment reduces errors, increases productivity, and creates a work environment where positive emotions contribute to group performance.

Speaking of brands, do you remember walking around a shopping center and having your sense of smell triggered when you are in a particular establishment? For example, Zara Home with its black vanilla aroma, Starbucks and its freshly roasted coffee, Samsung and its white melon aroma, and finally, Nike and its famous room with floral aroma.

Stimulating the senses within the purchase decision process is part of Reliability Media's objectives. That is why we are dedicated to analyzing brands, their values, positioning, and unique sales proposals, in order to attract, excite, and generate recall in consumers.

Written by Luis E. Vielma:

CEO Reliability Media / Keen Going / Street Makers.

Researcher and developer. Expert in Reliability and Risk engineering, specialist in neuroadvertising and neuromarketing.

His world spins around the fashion industry, providing the best holistic strategies for a brand, designer, product or business.)

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