Indoor and outdoor aqua culture farmers

Helping indoor and outdoor aqua culture farmers

Helping indoor and outdoor aqua culture farmers



Kristin Elliott, CEO of Precision Measurement Engineer and Aquasend.

WHAT did you do?  

Precision Measurement Engineering and its sister company, Aquasend, are definitely unique and innovating cutting edge technology. The recently launched Aquasend Buoy is a first of its kind product in the aqua culture industry, being the first cloud-based water monitoring sensor buoy that informs aqua farmers of oxygen and temperature changes. The technology helps indoor and outdoor aqua culture farmers be able to immediately identify potential changes in the tanks, which can otherwise harm the entire ecosystem of the farms. The buoy is powered by solar energy, so farmers increase productivity, water quality, and save on power consumption.

HOW did you do it?  

Aquasend was born in the research and development labs of Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc., a premier manufacturer of freshwater and oceanographic research devices, who is applying 30 years of research-driven water quality innovation with a focus on aqua farms.

WHEN did you start your company?  

My father, a highly regarded researcher at UC San Diego, founded Precision Measurement Engineering in 1978. I started with the company as an intern in 2006, rose through the ranks, and became CEO in 2013.

WHY are you innovating with this product or service? 

We have been innovating this product for the aquaculture community for many years in response to industry demands, and are thrilled with the final product offering that requires minimal maintenance as well as decreases labor costs and power consumption

WHERE are you from?  

San Diego, CA (USA)


Blue tech, Life sciences


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