The Hollander Chicago Wins Design Award

GrupoHabita-owned Hollander Chicago wins awards from Hospitality Magazine

Last night in New York City, The Hollander Chicago, a hotel owned by Convexity Properties and part of GRUPO HABITA, received Hospitality Design Awards in the categories of Economy Hotel, Economy Guestroom, Economy Public Space. The Hospitality Design Awards 2017 recognizes the best of the industry and their most significant recent ventures.

The Hollander Chicago was designed by Chicago firm Antunovich Associates and was interior designed by Delordnaire and Cigüe, both in Paris. The hotel is considered one of the newest "designer hotels" in the Wicker Park area of Chicago. As their website says, "Our home is the historic Hollander Fireproof Warehouse, built in 1905 as a furniture storage facility for German-American Albert H. Hollander’s Express & Van Company".

The hotel, while being a designer hotel, is a budget hotel and hostel and offers both private and shared rooms with total of sixty-six beds in eight rooms, plus twelve private rooms, all with private beds and lockersAll bathrooms are stocked with Beessential natural skin care products.

The hotel has a goal that is written on the front page of their website (and their spaces were designed with this end in mind): "To bring people together who love food, design, the arts and culture, mix them all up and have a great time (and a good night’s sleep). Come with friends, come to make new friends, or bring the whole family. We want to do for our guests what social media does for the world: bring us all closer together through shared experiences."

They also offer a Social Space, available for rent separately, starting at US$45, and a coffee shop in this communal space called Hi Bar, which offers take-and-go food, free WiFi and laundry services, as well as an onsite bicycle rental and repair shop.

The Hollander Chicago is located in 1905 Hollander Fireproof Warehouse at 2022 North Avenue, just steps from the L, or elevated train.

Congratulations to The Hollander Chicago and all of the hotels that won design awards. The June issue of Hospitality Magazine will have more information about all of the winners.