Your Company's Auditive Branding

Music or sounds directly affect our emotional state, as they have the ability to activate emotions and memories. That is why it is very important to determine and take care of your company's auditive branding, whether to become a multi-sensory brand experience, transmit your identity effectively, or reinforce your brand.

Auditive Branding is how your company sounds, differentiates, and causes an impact on your consumer. It includes music, sounds, jingle, the audio tag, and voices. Imagine Disneyland without their auditive branding, the storytelling behind all the characters, the official voice at the end of the day telling everybody goodbye and thank you for visiting, it would feel empty.

In business, theme and performance are thanks to good audio branding. There have been studies done by the University of Washington, published in the book "The Mozart Effect" where it is mentioned that, “Equitable Life Insurance, increased by 17% the productivity of the transistors 6 weeks after having introduced music in the office and Mississippi Power & Light increased the efficiency of the billing department by 18.6% 9 months after having instituted a music listening program" (Campbell, 83). We can see how music today radically changes the work environment, giving a positive result to the employees of the companies.

At Vybroowe are experts in creating your company's soundtrack, placing music and voice via streaming according to the branding and behavior of your company, as we do with Dairy Queenproducing and placing spots at the right moment, to generate more sales and generate productivity to their employees, who,  at the same time are being trained 24/7. We also design audio branding for Great Place To Work companies with music and institutive messages. 

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Author : Claudia Mascareño Dorantes